White gold earrings and brilliant cut diamonds

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Di solito pronto in 24/48 ore

White Gold Earrings from the Quadrotti collection with nine diamonds of brilliant cut for single earring. Entirely   produced by the goldsmith masters inVicari Jewels Artisan Workshops they are square in shape and measure 5 millimeters on each side. The closure of the diamond earrings is with a direct bridge and snap. These jewels in White Gold and diamonds, like the choker and the ring from the same collection, have a minimalist design and are ideal for women who want to wear small and delicate jewels.

Technical description Earrings in White Gold and Diamonds

  • The jewel is made of 750 white gold;°°;
  • the gold squares on which the diamonds are set measure 5 mm per side;
  • each earring has nine brilliant cut diamonds;
  • the closure of the gold earrings is with a direct bridge and snap.
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