Silver necklace with 7 elements, Sun of Sicily

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Di solito pronto in 24/48 ore

The Necklace in Silver with 7 Sun-shaped elements made of 925 silver / thousandths of the collectionSicilian sun.This splendid silver necklace, like all the other jewels in the collection, is inspired by and dedicated to the warm Sicilian sun. Entirely designed and created by the master craftsmen of the Vicari Gioielli Goldsmith Laboratories, the necklace is composed of a 925 silver chain°°° gold color and from seven sun-shaped elements in silver. The jewel is   available in three different colors of silver: white, golden and pink. The closure of the chain is composed of a silver carabiner and a ring. The elements in the shape of the Sun, which measure approximately 1.1 cm each.

 Technical description Silver necklace with 7 sun-shaped elements

  • The jewel is made of 925 silver;° ;
  • Maximum length of the adjustable necklace 42.5 cm, can be used as a choker;
  • The seven sun-shaped pendants have a diameter of 1.1 cm;
  • Available in three different silver finishes: white, gold, pink.
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