Double Key in Solid Silver, Pendant

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Di solito pronto in 24/48 ore

Pendant, double key in solid silver. The pendant consists oftwo keys of different size both made in full silver . Keys can be inwhite, gold or pink silver and the pendant can also be composed by combining two keys of different colors. The large key is 6.8 cm high and 2.4 thick. The small key is 4.5 cm high and 1.5 thick. Our Silver Pendants are made by the Master Craftsmen ofVicari Gioielli Goldsmiths Workshops.

 Technical description of double silver pendant keys:

  • 925 silver pendant, made of solid silver;no;
  • available in and different colors: White Silver, Golden Silver, Pink Silver;
  • available in various color combinations;
  • the large key measures 6.8 x 2.4 cm. the small 4.5 cm x 1.5.
if you have a special design in mind we can create it for you

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