Golden Silver Pendant Fior di Piana

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Di solito pronto in 7 giorni lavorativi

Golden Silver and Enamel Pendant from the Fior di Piana collection. This pendant to wear with long chains is inspired by the ancient seals used to imprint on sealing wax. Crafted from gilded silver and hand enameled, this pendant has a massive texture. To complete and enrich the jewel, our craftsmen have inserted four spinel stones colored in tone with the enamels and, in the lower part, a glass cabochon with a square base. The Golden Silver Pendant is available in four colors.

Characteristics of the Golden Silver Pendant with spinel stones and glass cabochon:

  • Made of 925 °°° silver;
  • available in four different colors of enamels and stones:shades of light blue, shades of orange, shades of green, shades of fuchsia;
  • hand enameled;
  • The silver pendant measures 4.9 cm in height, and has a square base of 2.3 x 2.3 cm;
  • the mesh has a diameter of 1 cm.
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