Enamelled bracelet in silver with flower pendants

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Di solito pronto in 5 giorni lavorativi

Bracelet in gilded silver with rollò chain and with three pendants in silver and colored enamels. The pendants of the bracelet depict a flower with a diameter of one centimeter and are hand-enameled by expert craftsmen. They are available in four different color variations of the glazes. The rollò silver chain of the bracelet has a lobster clasp and has a standard length of 19 cm. This, like all the other silver jewels in the Fior di Piana collection, is entirely designed, made and finished in the Vicari Gioielli Goldsmith Workshops.

Description technique Silver bracelet with enameled pendants

  • The chain is in gilded 925 °°° silver;
  • the closure of the bracelet is with carabiner;
  • the standard size of the bracelet is 19 cm;
  • the three 925 °°° gilded silver pendants depict a flower;
  • 4 different variants of the glazes are available: Tones of blue, green, fuchsia and orange;
  • the pendants measure 1 cm in diameter.
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