La Gioielleria Vicari chiuderà per ferie dal 7 al 22 Agosto

Tutti gli ordini effettuati durante questo periodo saranno evasi a partire dal 23 Agosto.

750 °°° gold ring with light sapphires

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Di solito pronto in 7 giorni lavorativi

750 °°° gold ring with light sapphires

750 °°° gold rings proposed in three versions of gold and sapphire colors:
- white gold ring with blue tone sapphires
- rose gold ring with pink-toned sapphires
- yellow gold ring with sapphires of orange tones

The stem is simple and thin with a 6.5 mm round top, made up of a 0.34 ct sapphire and an outline of smaller 0.11 ct sapphires.

The collection is completed by the earrings and the choker in Parure

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