Bracelet with personalized name, Silver and brilliant cut diamonds

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Di solito pronto in 24/48 ore

Bracelet with personalized name, made of perforated silver and enriched with three brilliant-cut diamonds set. The rigid diamond bracelet has two articulated arms on the sides of the name. This cute jewel can only be purchased by reservation. Made by the master goldsmiths of the Vicari Gioielli craft workshops in the variants in white silver, thick golden silver and thick pink silver obtained by immersion in a galvanic bath..

*Delivery times may vary as the personalized bracelet is specially produced after the order

 Technical description Customizable bracelet with Name in Silver and diamonds

  • Made of 925 silver and enriched with three brilliant cut diamonds;te;
  • the articulated arms have a snap hook closure;
  • available in three silver colors: White, Golden and pink;
  • The golden and pink colors are thick and are obtained with a galvanic bath;
  • Handcrafted to order;
if you have a special design in mind we can create it for you

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